great love, is always have to have a rogue!

Yesterday blind date with a mm relative to sit in the teahouse. Understood the two sides work, education, family, hobbies, the conversation in trouble, began to pull some social issues. Even: How do you see the housing market? mm stunned, then bow silent child, blushed: sexual intercourse …… or … or not too often the best is good …… twice a day! Jiong! Chinese language is really profound ah ………

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Fight divorce children, his wife said confidently: “! Kids from my stomach inside out, of course, belongs to me,” My husband said:! “Is simply nonsense joke teller machine inside taken out of the cash machine money can go who do not yet.? Who owns the card! ”

Resolutely put out big man’s belly. . .

“As a boy, happiness – is a very simple thing; grow up, simple – is a very happy thing.”

Elementary school: “If you do not learn in the future will not get into junior high school.” Junior: “If you do not learn in the future to test into high school.” School: “If you do not learn in the future it into university. “University:” If you do not learn in the future could not find work. “work:.” your school is not the time to patronize a true learning sucker? “.

Tell how much you earn a month before the country hungry. Hong Kong 18500, Macao 8900; Second gear: Shanghai 5350, Shenzhen 5280, Wenzhou 5020, Beijing 5000; Hangzhou 4980, Guangzhou 4750, Suzhou 4300, Xiamen 4100, Qingdao 4000; Nanjing 3780, Fuzhou 3380, Wuxi 3200, Tianjin 3150, Jinan 3120 Dalian 3000. Gang do either recognize dad, either to make money or get on the train to Lhasa.

Let a man answer the question, known as the history of the most difficult to make a choice. . .

1, I like people, are in the hard disk. 2, youth ah, you’re too pox! 3 years of little Lolita or boiled Xianglinsao …… 4, I do not curse, because my hands are relatively strong. 5, cough! The say that, not to say whispered. 6, I recommend to my looks, to understand the main, enjoy the secondary. 7, from heaven to hell, brother just passing world. 8, in fact, I am home, but the house in question who is at home.

Ah plaster also sleep so sweet ~

This is the artist!

This license plate as people feel then ah. . .

Stop in the box to make money, you think stupid ah? !

White Snake deliberately deceived her husband rain umbrella, play the fool molested when studying together Lovers Butterfly Lovers, seven fairy blocking Dong’s path, while Cowboy Weaver took her clothes taking a bath …… These stories tell us: great love start, always you have to have a first bullying!

All Chinese people should respect Michael Jackson, because when an American reporter to interview MJ: “? You’ve never been to China, not in China, held a concert, you will not regret” MJ said: “I’ve been in Taiwan. ”

A woman’s greatest pride is not how she looks outstanding, but the man how she hurt her

The latest summer sandals! ! !

I rely on, this Intuit pit father ~

Toilet door couplets, I instantly messy