who in a dream like you? Who you think in a dream?

[1] also plaster sleep so fragrant ah. . .

[2] They must then talk behind me. . .

[3] It is said that the hands long hair girls are generally more beautiful, no hand hair boys are generally more handsome. . .

[4] three o’clock multiply QQ farm to steal food, just ripe pomegranate ex-girlfriend, then mercilessly stole, did not think a ban on the morning after open QQ space, saw the ex-girlfriend gave me a message : If you’ve been so lively at night, I would not break up with you.

[5] see the twins father. Jealousy envy hate it?

[6] If the transit subway bus station, park chair next to have this heavy instrument, then, from the weight loss far?

[7] a toast to invite the moon, the moon is so great. On Taihen order green, Anthurium dial Shiba.

[8] lying on the roadside homework kids. . give it a like!

[9] who in a dream like you? Who are you thinking about in a dream ~

[10] that the passage of time after looking back, became too much bother, neither poetic nor beautiful. Or a person, quietly, miss the best.

[11] “China the last Yazhaifuren” – Yang Binglian 90-year-old brow faintly visible when glamorous: oval face, fair skin, especially a pair of crystal clear eyes. She said that was very simple, do not know her husband “Western devil” out Zhang Ping is a evil person. She also carrying Zhang Ping for him to do some redemption, money to send food to the villagers. In 1950, 28-year-old Yang Binglian became a widow.

[12] The Spanish designer drop-shaped nest, very comfortable ah!

[13] the gap between advertising and reality – Pizza Hut rich prawn pizza!

[14] [m] the most healthy six kinds ① most nutritious rice: spleen and stomach, fill in the air, YangYinShengJin .② brown rice to aid digestion most: lower cholesterol, reduce heart attack and stroke .③ black rice is kidney: yin kidney, Bugan eyesight, anti-beauty, disease prevention and physical .④ rice detoxification best: rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and other vitamins B2 barley .⑤ most beauty: water Shenshi, spleen to stop diarrhea, detoxify .⑥ millet most stomach: kidney qi, Qing Xu hot, and diuresis.

[15] Never regret. We can not choose to go back to the hotel. But to face the challenges clearly has caused. Efforts to adjust, and I believe they will succeed. Whether you deep despair, or suffering from severe illness, you are helpless in the past, but in the moment, your future is not so bleak as long as you work hard, believe in yourself, life is often a way out.

[16] The more older people, will gradually more and more indifferent to the people around him. Many people appeared. He disappeared again. Like sitting watching the clouds and cloud drop, it is nothing to be explained instructions. Friends from there together, one after another lover. Many feelings purpose impure, unaccounted for, poor treatment. Our hands can hold feelings. The final analysis, a few people do.

[17] carefree abandon of childhood, growing up to fulfill the expectations; give up the beauty of youth, in exchange for the wisdom of maturity; give up the sweetness of love, in exchange for the family’s stable; abandon applause sounds, in exchange for peace of mind. Accept it or not, sometimes we have no choice. Because you can not have love and profound, because they can not dream round and beautiful. Life, always with a crippled US, due to defects and poignant.

[18] [easy success ten capacity] 1 reverse thinking skills to solve problems; (2) to consider the issue of empathy; 3, stronger than the others, summary capabilities; 4, ability to write simple documents; 5, information gathering capabilities; 6, the ability to develop solutions to the problem; 7, superior ability to self-comfort; 8, the capacity of job changes; 9, the courage to accept the duties of the matter; 10, and actively seek training and practice opportunities.

[19] [Never] 1 good for these people to find you when something happens, all right, when you ignore. 2 points by grace you told you Bel good. 3 Do not pity who is a mood, not everyone is worthy of you to do so. 4 Do not soft-hearted to people with malicious intentions. 6 split up, may be a stranger can be friends, but always remind myself, not the past. 6 people you do not mind, do you paranoid someday he would be impressed.

[20] Detective Henry Lee said: the difference between winners and losers in that: the winner is the answer to the question see, losers see answer to the question; the winner is an integral part of the answer, the loser is often the problem part; there are plans to winner, the loser has an excuse; the winner often say, “let me in”, the loser always said, “not my thing”; winner often said, “Although there are difficulties still do it,” defeated often said, “although do it, but it was too difficult.”

[21] work six kinds of attitude: 1, child care attitude: do have trouble, I had to do. 2, juvenile mentality: work will be paid. 3, youthful attitude: Things can discuss others favor. 4, adult mentality: people alive, we must do something. 5. Responsibility mentality: work is the responsibility of life. 6, wisdom mind: follow their own principles of life, said the line is doing …… Without Harm, practical life, child care is the lowest level, the highest level of wisdom, the one where you are?

[22] are not afraid of road away, afraid Chi short; not afraid to slow, stop often afraid; afraid of poverty, afraid lazy idler; not afraid of fierce opponents, afraid of their own chatter!

[23] Do not to miss anything and regret. You miss the people and things, others have a chance to meet other people missed, you have a chance to have. Everyone will miss everyone had missed, really belong to you, never miss.

[24] In many cases, we have pockets of rich, but the poor head; we have a dream, but the lack of thought. We indulge in physical entanglement, want to sink immersed in the struggle, in the end exhausted, mental confusion, seems like a dream. We can not ignore the needs of the soul, and it allows us to tough predicament, the rise in frustration before, take heart in the decadence, on sober lost. As long as the heart has the courage to move forward, we are fearless.

[25] When you were young, how to have the answer, but when old, and you may feel that life is no such thing as an answer. – “Fallen Angel”